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About Us


Personalized Approach

We will work with your current layout and customise the kitchen, bathroom, lounge or bedroom cabinetry to suit the space.

Our aim is to make what you want and to optimise the functionality of your living area.


Excellence and Professionalism 

If it's built by rmp CABINETS, it's built to last, it's built to fit. it's built to work. Every piece is made to operate without fuss and to serve the purpose it's intended for. Close enough is not good enough. Our owner is a perfectionist and our builds are built to perfection.


Built and Transported

We visit your location, we discuss your requirements, we measure to the exact millimetre, we build in our factory and transport to your site and fit exactly. You get exactly what you ordered, to suit the individual space you have.


Call Now: (03) 5979 1044
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